Roman Palatial Villa Excavation - Archaeology of Identity and Wealth on the Roman Frontier (Transylvania, Romania)

Rapoltu Mare

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Session 1: June 10 - June 30, 2018 (3 weeks); Session 2: July 1 - July 21, 2018 (3 weeks); Session 3: July 22 - August 11, 2018 (3 weeks)

We house everyone in double or triple occupancy rooms in the village houses. Every house is equipped with bathrooms. You will be guests of Romanian families and will have a chance to discover the true sense of old fashion Transylvanian hospitality. Breakfast and dinner is included during the work week and we will eat as a team in one of the local restaurants. Students are responsible for their own lunches in the field. Beware that Romanian cuisine is generally meat oriented (although we do our best to satisfy vegetarians as well).

US $1295 any 3 week session  (June 11 - July 1; July 2 - July 20; July 23 - August 12)
NOTE: participants registered to any two of our Roman Provincial field sessions can participate free of cost to our intensive Applied Field Geophysics Workshop.