Bona Mansio - Roman Road Station on Via Diagonalis 2018


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25 Aug - 22 Sept 2018

Villa Terres Hotel, Karabunar, Bulgaria - in comfortable rooms with two to three beds (bathrooms with shower and WC), equipped with air-conditioning and TV in a local newly built hotel. The hotel has a small swimming pool and spa, free of charge for the participants in the field school. There are cheap laundry services and free Wi-Fi provided. Extra night - 30 EUR (per night per person), Single room - 200 EUR (for two-week period).

Meals: Three meals (fresh, organic Bulgarian homemade food) per day are covered by the admission fee. They usually take place (except the lunch packages during the excursions) in the hotel restaurant. Requests for vegetarian food are accepted. Brown-bag lunches are provided during the excursions and days off.

The BHF Admission fee includes: Educational and fieldwork activities, full-board accommodation (hotel + 3 meals per day), tools, materials, project handbook and issue of Certificate of Attendance, administrative costs and excursions included in the field school program plus relevant entrance fees.

The admission fee for two week project session is 1049 EUR

The admission fee to three week project session is 1529 EUR

The admission free for four week project session is 1899 EUR

*Early bird specials available.

New Bulgarian University grants 6 ECTS credits to students for attending the two-week field school sessions, 9 credits to those attending the three-week session and 12 for the four-week session. Transcripts of Records (ToR) are available upon request for an additional tuition fee starting from 282 EUR for six ECTS credits.