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Past Horizons can give no endorsement of any listed project or guarantee the accuracy of the information supplied.

The editors accept no responsibility for any loss, injury, or inconvenience sustained by anyone using the resources contained within this website mentioned herein. When considering a project, be sure to contact the director with any questions you might have about conditions, travel, health issues, etc.

Check for references from previous participants, seek advice where possible and select a project that will be of the greatest benefit to you, the project and the team.

How to help others

After being on a project, remember to come back here and rate it, so that others can see what others think. Malicious ratings will be logged. Try to be impartial, for example, don't blame the project if it rains!

If you have serious concerns

If you feel the project is flaunting health and safety, or if you consider the advertised activities are far short of the realith, with perhaps little teaching on what should be a fieldschool. Contact us with carefully gathered evidecen, such as images and supporting text from fellow participants, with names and contact details - so we can have the opportunity to verify the claim. These names will not be passed onto the project leaders. If it is confirmed that the project is definately not suitable we will remove it from the list, and ensure they are no longer allowed to re-advertise. WE do not charge for this service, so there is no conflict of interest.

Read this!

Being prepared is the best thing to be. So read our short guide to being a Dig Survivor. There is lots in it from practical advice and suggestions.

Don't be scared, as there is a whole world out there and it is mostly nice. Remember you will often have cultural differences, but that is the spice of life!

BAJR Guide 31: Dig Survivor - preparing for your first project